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                                            One-stop solution for the overall solution of office space

                                            Product Categories

                                            Office screen

                                            Screen work position

                                            Office card position

                                            Desk series

                                            Panel desk

                                            Paint desk

                                            Leather table

                                            Conference table and chair

                                            Panel conference table

                                            Paint conference table

                                            Office chair

                                            Staff chair

                                            Conference chair

                                            Ergonomic chair

                                            Leather office chair

                                            Mesh office chair

                                            Paint executive chair

                                            File cabinets

                                            Solid wood file cabinet

                                            Plate file cabinet

                                            Iron filing cabinet

                                            Dense cabinet

                                            Office sofa

                                            Leather sofa

                                            Leisure couch

                                            Solid wood sofa

                                            Shaped sofa

                                            Tea table

                                            Kung Fu coffee table

                                            Solid wood coffee table

                                            Glass coffee table

                                            Training table and chair

                                            Training table

                                            Training chair

                                            Front desk
                                            Leisure reception desk and chair
                                            More +


                                            Save all intermediate links to maximize your benefits.
                                            Scientific planning office structure helps companies improve efficiency

                                            5 major advantages witness, creating extraordinary quality

                                            More than 5,000 companies, more than 30 people in R&D and design, and more than 500 people in the production department


                                            Company Size

                                            Large office furniture manufacturer

                                            • The factory has two production bases in Shenzhen and Huizhou respectively.
                                            • 19 years of production experience, large inventory and fast delivery
                                            • Shenzhen has more than 5,000 square meters of office furniture experience hall

                                            Offline experience store

                                            More than 100 offline stores in Guangdong

                                            • 78 local offline experience stores in Shenzhen
                                            • Free production of matching solutions, design 3D space layout
                                            • Free home delivery, office furniture installation

                                            Product quality

                                            Shenzhen office furniture manufacturer

                                            • Have ISO, CQC and other industry certification qualifications
                                            • All plates are made of E1, E0 environmentally friendly plates
                                            • It is more efficient to have semi-automatic woodworking machinery imported from Germany.

                                            Engineering procurement

                                            Enterprise, government engineering procurement designator

                                            • Long-term furniture suppliers of many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies
                                            • 3 days out of engineering tenders, high bidding rate
                                            • A large number of spot stocks, 5-12 days of fast delivery

                                            After sales service

                                            Perfect after-sales service team

                                            • 7*24 hour response, quick answer
                                            • Solve problems within 48 hours
                                            • Professional one-to-one VIP service

                                            Custom process

                                            Office furniture custom line



                                            19YeasProduction experience, large inventory, fast delivery

                                            5000 Square meter factory, Germany imported production equipment, nationwide logistics delivery, delivery is guaranteed

                                            • Production base
                                            • Production workshop
                                            • Processing Equipment
                                            • professional skill
                                            • Warehouse Logistics
                                            Use E1, E0 grade quality materials to reduce formaldehyde release
                                            Create a comfortable office environment
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                                            Company Profile

                                            Founded in 2004, Bainian Shengdian Furniture Group is a Shenzhen furniture enterprise that provides high-quality office furniture, civil furniture and hotel furniture. It specializes in design, production and sales of desks, conference tables, office screens, office seats, sofas, etc. Furniture business. The existing plant covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. It has imported more than 50 advanced furniture manufacturing equipments from Italy, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and other places in the 1990s, and more than 40 domestically produced equipments. 
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